Item Name
Retropaq - Monster Compaq Portable 386 Computer
Year of Manufacture
1987-1995 Parts
Compaq Portable 386 upgraded with a TI 486 SXL-2 50 (PGA 132) with 8K L1 Cache, Clock doubled with 50mhz, with Cyrix II Co Pro, Overclocked to 24Mhz (48Mhz Crystal), 10 MB 32-bit RAM. Gotek Floppy Emulator with 2x CF IDE Adapters with 2x 2GB Industrial Grade CF Cards. ISA Expansion box with slimline CDROM, Sigma Designs ReelMagic IDE Board (ISA), Mach 32 VGA Graphics Card (ISA), Flawless Screen. Fully functional.
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